Ryan Whitford

Hello everyone, sorry that I haven't written anything on injuries for awhile, but that's what happens when 4 kids, 2 jobs, running, and anything else that I can think of gets in the way!!!

I have a new injury to write on, because it just happened to me a month ago. It is called Metatarsalgia, and it is basically a condition that involves a general discomfort around the base of your toes. It usually happens to the middle three metatarsal heads ( just under the webbing ). Some factors that create this pain are excessive body weight, hammer toes, abnormal heel strike, and excessive pronation/supination of the foot. Some other factors that can be contributors to this pain are increased training, narrow toe box, repetitive jumping, and a poor running style that puts undue pressure on the forefoot.

Treatment involves reducing the load on the base of the toes with proper footwear( with pads or bars), and strengthening the inner muscles of the foot. Rest, ice, ibuprofen, and listening to your

Case in point: I hobble into Dr. Peter Franta's office two days after I hurt myself. With crutches in my hand, no weight bearing on my left foot, I ask Peter if he thinks that I should take a month off of work. He looks at me like only a running Dr. would and says, "elevate your foot, take a lot of ibuprofen, and call me if gangrene develops!!" Although I thought that I had a stress fracture and wouldn't be able to ever run again, Dr. Franta was right. I listened and learned. I had over trained on the treadmill on a particular speed day. The pain just kept getting worse throughout the day I ran. I ran too fast, too soon in the season.

I hope this helps anyone who ever comes across this diagnosis in the future. Remember, if it doesn't develop gangrene- you'll be OK!!! :)

Further information on metatarsalgia can be found on the Mayo Clinic's website.