August 2016

River City Running Club



August Newsletter


Upcoming Races

August 6 Home Run for CCA 10K, 5K La Crosse, WI
August 7 Hixon Forest Frolic
5K La Crosse, WI
August 11 Pursuit for a Cure
5K Arcadia, WI
August 13 MPC Stampede 5k La Crosse, WI
August 13 Paavo Nurmi Full, Half Hurley, WI
August 20 Holmen Kornfest 10k, 2 mile Holmen, WI
August 20 Goodview Gallop 10k, 5k Goodview, MN
August 27 Lions Club 5k 5k La Crosse, WI
September 9 Apple Dumpling Days
Full, Half,5K Elroy, WI
September 10 Pickwick Mill 5 mile Winona, MN
September 17 Run to the Edge 5K La Crescent, MN
September 17 Mini Doughnut Half Marathon Half, 5K Onalaska, WI
September 23/24 Goose Bumps Run
24 hr, 6 hr La Crosse, WI
September 24   Driftless Trail Marathon 50K, Full, Half, 10K  Hillsboro, WI 

A Good Run


Our annual party has been scheduled for Friday, November 11 at the Myrick
Park Center. We plan on giving our usual awards- Male and Female Runner of
the Year, Male and Female Rookie of the Year, and Male and Female Most
Improved. Please get your nominations in by October 1 to give us time to
do the online voting.

We will also have our more objective awards again this year. Here is the
list in case you would like to shoot for one of them.

M/F Fastest Marathon
M/F Age Graded Marathon
M/F Most Miles Raced
M/F Most Marathons and Half Marathons
M/F Most Races 10k or Shorter
M/F Fastest 5k.

Be sure to get your results in to Dave Bange at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
That will make it easier for me tally the results.

We are also honoring another group of legends this year. This year's group
is anyone who has completed 50 or more marathons and/or ultras. Kathy and
Randi will be putting a presentation together again. If you are in this
group please send the following to Kathy.

1.First marathon/ultra date and place.
2.Favorite marathon or ultra.
3.A memory or something important you would like to share.
4.A picture or two of you running an ultra or marathon.
5.Your total number of ultras and marathons as of the date of the party.

Please send these to Kathy Moen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by October 1.

One more thing. We will be selecting a new president. We will welcome any
nominations or volunteers.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Jim Stenulson, President
River City Running Club

 Maybe Running Really Does Make You Smarter!

Dave Bange
I’m pretty sure we runners happily believe that running makes us healthier and more fit.  And of course we’re only too willing to tell this to our friends and family, even after they get tired of hearing it.  But secretly, deep inside, most (quite possibly all) runners also think that running also makes us smarter.  But of course that’s not something that any of us are likely to ever say to a non-running spouse, friend, or relative.  After all it wouldn’t be all that smart, would it?
On the other hand, evidence can be found that running might actually make us dumber.  For example at the 19th mile of a marathon, especially in conditions like we experienced in Duluth this year, we’re far more likely to be thinking something like, “I must be an idiot tor doing this,” rather than mulling over thoughts on comparative literature or quantum physics.  Or perhaps I’m wrong about that? 
Anyway, whether or not running actually makes us more or less intelligent seems to be a question that might be worth some research.  Of course a scientist can’t just conduct a poll and ask runners, “Do you feel smarter since you took up running?”  Won’t get much in the way of unbiased results with that approach.  And they can’t simply compare runners and non-runners on something like an IQ test.  After all, the question isn’t whether runners are smarter than non-runners -- it’s whether someone actually gets smarter after taking up a running program.  
So objective scientists need to look for something physiological that occurs when someone undertakes an endurance activity (like running, biking, or swimming) and then show it improves the brain’s functioning capabilities.  Recently scientists at the National Institute of Health announced they may have found it.  
Here’s a real quick and simple summary.  (I won’t explain the details of the research -
- I’m not smart enough to even understand them, but I’ve provided a link below to the NYT article on this.)  Among the many things produced by muscles after they’ve been exercised hard is a protein called Cathepsin B.  

Bunions, Not Just for Grandmas


Hallux valgus, more commonly known as a bunion, can drastically alter the way your foot functions, which eventually leads to pain and injury.   By definition, hallux valgus occurs when the big toe moves out towards your other toes.  While the bunion may not always be painful, it can be a contributing factor for your foot or ankle pain, such as plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinopathy. 

The exact etiology of bunions is not fully understood, though it is present in 35% of women over 65 years of age. Although the majority of people with this issue are elderly women, it can also be present among runners.  Some contributing factors that may cause bunions include footwear (fashionable shoes ladies!), gait (the way you walk/run), movement of the big toe, and weak feet. 

To date, surgery is the only treatment to correct this deformity, even though the recurrence rate following surgery is as high as 15%.  While physical therapy cannot correct the deformity, there are several treatment approaches to decrease pain and increase function.   Gait analysis takes a look at the way your body moves.  Do you walk/run like a duck (toes pointed out)?  What does the wear pattern of your shoes look like?  Are you in the correct sized shoes and where is the break point of the shoe?  Joint mobility, with your foot on the ground, are you able to pull up on your big toe easily or is it stuck to the ground?   When it comes to your foot muscle activation, are you able to independently lift your big toe off of the ground or move it towards your other foot? These are all common tests that I look for when assessing a runner with any sort of foot or ankle pain that gives insight into contributing factors. My hope is to detect any pain that may be caused by bunions and get you out the door, pain-free.


Jake Hegge, DPT, CSCS

Services offered:

Dry Needling

Joint Mobilizations/Manipulations

Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilization

Gait Analysis

Running Specific Exercises

Dynamic Physiotherapy located within Grand Bluff Running

Address: 509 Main Street La Crosse

Phone: 608-630-1006

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" href="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">



July 2, Firecracker Run, La Crosse, WI

4 Miles      
Jamie Mannion 25:17 (1st 56-65 James Murray  
Jim Stenulson 25:47 (2nd 56-65) Bob Rusch  
Dave Bange 33:20 (2nd 66-75) Stacy Suchla  
1 Mile      
Jim Stenulson 6:06 (1st 51+) James Murray 6:18

July 2, Remembering Jessie Parker, Sparta, WI

5 Miles      
Dave Rice 56:!2 (2nd 60-69)    
Dave Zeichert 23:26 (2nd 50-54) Dorothy Nicol 25:34 (60-64)

July 9, Dances With Dirt, Devil's Lake SP, WI

Laurie Enos 7:30:43  R J Miller  7:30:43
Jim Stenulson 4:49:28 (1st 55-59) Andy Nordeen 5:44:05 (3rd 55-59)
Emma Carter 4:50:02  Jean Hougom 5:46:07 (2nd 50-54)
Kim Lovejoy 5:00:54 (2nd 45-49) James Murray 6:04:50
Angie Puent 5:00:55 (3rd 45-49) Ann B 6:28:41
John Blanchar 5:00:54 (1st 60-64)    
Half Marathon      
Linda Miller 3:42:20