November 2016

River City Running Club

November Issue

Upcoming Races

November 6 Rails to Trails Full, 1/2, 5K Norwalk, WI
November 12 R U Chicken 7.8m, 2.3m Arcadia, WI
November 19 UW-L Turkey Trot 5K La Crosse, WI
November 24 Festival Turkey Trot 5m La Crosse, WI
December 3 Jingle Bells Run 5m, 5K Onalaska, WI
December 10 Ugly Sweater Run 5K La Crosse, WI




Annual Party

Friday, November 11th at Myrick Park Center

Starts at 6 pm. Meal at 6:30. Catered by Food Co-op.

Please feel free to bring a dessert.

Awards and drawings following the meal. Also special legends presentation. 

Please bring dues. Individual $20, Family $30

$5 donation for non-member guests for the meal



The nominations are in. The voting should be up on our website soon. An e-mail will be sent when it's ready. Please get your votes in.

Thanksgiving Day Extra Slice Run

Our annual Turkey Day run starts at 7:30 am near the Bluffside Tavern at the base of Grandad's Bluff. We run across the golf course and then into Hixon, with the possible add on up Bliss Rd. 

Sloan and Sergey Komissarov invite club runners over after the Thanksgiving Day Club Run for coffee and a light breakfast (bagels, fruit, eggs). It's an open house all morning! Come to *416 24th Street North* between Crowley and Pine Streets. (We're right on the Festival Foods Turkey Trot course, so parking is available nearby on Pine and 23rd Streets, but not along 24th for part of the morning.)



A Good Run

It's been almost exactly 11 years since that first Saturday I ran with
RCRC. For months I had wanted to run with the club. For months I had set
my alarm for 6:15. For months I rolled over, shut the alarm off, and went
back to sleep. On this particular Saturday I finally got my butt out of
bed. I don't remember a whole lot about that first run. I know it was this
time of the year because people were talking about the banquet the night

I also remember not being sure I belonged. Most of the people I was
meeting were professionals. Doctors, lawyers, judges,professors, etc. It
wasn't anything they did that made me feel that way, it was more my own
insecurities. In fact it was one of the most welcoming groups I had ever
been a part of. Everyone is so down to earth and so friendly. It's such a
great group that I have missed very few Saturday's since. If I missed a
day, I was either injured, very sick, or running a race. Sometimes even
the race thing didn't stop me.

You're probably wondering why I'm getting all reminiscey.  After three
years a president of RCRC, my time is done. I want to give a few thank
you's and explain my newsletter title.

For me  "A Good Run" had a couple meanings. The first being a string of
good fortune. I can't imagine that anyone has had an eleven year run like
I have. I have accomplished things I had never dreamed of and some I had
given up on. I experienced so many fun adventures. I even got on an
airplane for the first time. More importantly are the friends I made
along the way. It has been a very good run!

The second meaning is the term you hear among runners all the time. "Did
you have a good run?" I have had so many good runs with this group...
Early mornings on Lookout with the entire valley still filled with fog, my
first six hour training run whining to be done, accidental 20 milers in
the dead of winter, and hour runs that went by in a blink because I was
talking to a friend the entire time. I could go on, but I think you get
the idea.

Now for the thank you's. Thanks to Eric VanOsdol, Kathy Moen, Dave Mocco,
Dave Bange, Randi Serres, and Teri Serres for all the work they have done
for club for many years. The club is so lucky to have a group like this
volunteering their time and knowledge.

Thanks to all those that have sent kind words to me for articles I have
written or for the job I'm doing as Pres.

Thanks to my friends for all the advice and ideas.

Finally thanks for allowing me to be your president for the last three years.

Jim Stenulson, President
River City Running Club


An Amazing, Remarkable, and Unique Old Codger

Dave Bange
No, this is not going to be about any of our own amazing and remarkable old codgers (and we all know who they are, don’t we?).  I’m writing about Ed Whitlock, a Canadian runner who owns several marathon records that just may never be broken.  
Mr. Whitlock had slipped from my mind (like many things nowadays), until I heard that some old geezer (reportedly 87, but actually “only” 85) had recently run a sub-four hour marathon.  I was highly dubious at first, until I realized that Mr. Whitlock -- if he was still alive and running marathons -- might be that old geezer.  A bit of googling later, I learned that, indeed he is very much alive and had run a 3:56:33 on October 16, at the Toronto Marathon.
I’m now going to tell you a story.  Keep in mind that this is quite possibly not an entirely true story, but I’ve told myself (and only myself) this story for many years, ever since Mr. Whitlock’s accomplishments became widely known.  I tried to confirm some of the details of the story when I began to write this article about him.  But googling as hard and as well as I could, I just couldn’t verify a few key details.  Like for instance, what year did this happen, and was Mr. Whitlock even in the race?  Or was it some other old codger, whose name I’ve long forgotten?  Nonetheless, it’s a good story, and as Stephen Colbert would say, it has real truthiness to it.
It was at a Twin Cities Marathon, 15 or 20 years ago.  I was much younger then, still in my 50s, and could run OK in those days.  Before the start of the race, I harbored unspoken aspirations of placing in the top 5 in the 50-54 (or perhaps it was the 55-59) age group.  While I was warming up, someone mentioned that there was this “old guy,” maybe 65 or 70, who was going to sing the Star Spangled Banner and then run the marathon.  Sounded pretty odd, but so what?  He was way, way old, about 15 years older than me.  I figured he’d be lucky to finish before the bananas were gone.
But, I was to learn otherwise -- and during the race itself!  At about the 20-mile mark, I was bumping into another of those walls that pop up about then in a marathon, and walking through the water stop, when I heard one of the volunteers say that the “old guy” had gone through several minutes before.  Say what???  I was losing to a 71-year old singer???  It only got worse.  I slowed significantly, finishing several minutes over 3 hours, but most definitely not in the top 5.  Mr. Whitlock finished in something like 2:55!  He probably had two bananas before I got in.
Perhaps it was not Ed Whitlock that day.  Maybe it was some other old geezer, about his age.  But even though I can’t verify it, I want to believe it was Ed running that marathon -- the alternative would mean that there were (at least) two guys 15 years older than me who could teach me a well-deserved lesson in humility. 
Finally, at the bottom of this essay is a link to a delightful 20-question interview with Ed Whitlock that appeared in the Toronto Sun after his record-breaking performance a couple of weeks ago.  I was gratified to see that he and I share several attitudes about running, training and racing, although he does wear his shoes far longer than I ever would.  He’s also about 55 pounds lighter, although we’re the same height.  Maybe I should go on a diet?

Race Results

September 23-24, Goosebumps 6- & 24-Hour Run, La Crosse,WI

24 Hours      
Eric Van Osdol 100 miles Linda Miler 50 miles
Kurt Brown 100 miles Shari Hegland 31.45 miles
R J Miller 87 miles James Murray 18.5 miles
Laurie Enos 74 miles Kevin Hegland 16.65 miles
Troy Gudie 64.75 miles Rueben Andeerson 1.85 miles
Kristine Tibor 50 miles    
6 Hours      
Brian Dahl 35.15 miles Jean Hougom 27.75 miles
Jim Stenulson 33.3 miles ARon Benjamin 18.5 miles
John Blanchar 31:45 miles Andy Nordeen 16.65 miles
Angie Puent 29.6 miles    

October 1, Maple Leaf Road Races, La Crosse, WI

Half Marathon      
Abe Wengel 1:14:53 (2nd Overall) Andy Winga 1:56:00
Jim Stenulson 1:38:37 (3rd 55-59) Dave Bange 2:03:24 (1st 65+)
Lila Planavsky 1:40:35 Libby Winga 2:10:12
Al McCormick 1:42:27 Randi Pueschner 2:13:20
Jerry Reuteler 1:43:44 Teri Serres Walensky 2:13:22
Sloan Komissarov 1:53:17 Eric Van Osdol 2:14:10 (Pace setter)
Sergey Komissarov 1:53:32 James Murray 2:30:08 (Pace setter)
Kim Lovejoy 1:54:01 (1st 45-49) Bob Rusch 2:30:16 (3rd 65+)
Julie Wiebke 1:54:08 (2nd 50-54)    
5 Miles      
Brian Dahl 31:04 (3rd Overall) Darick Bloom 35:22
Jamie Mannion 32:53 (1st 55-59) Anne Schmidt 48:30
Randy Gibson 35:12 (2nd 55-59) Gretchen Benjamin 53:03

October 2, Lakefront Marathon, Milwaukee, WI

Tad Peterson 2:59:46 Melissa Nevala 3:38:22

October 9, Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL

Jerry Reulteler 3:51:11 Tony Toledo 5:54:44

October 9, Twin Cities Marathon, Minneapolis, MN

Brian Dahl 2:59:27 Darick Bloom 4:48:17
Sloan Komissarov 3:58:05    

October 9, Victoria Marathon, Victoria, British Colombia

Christi Shappell 4:10:00 Randy Krainock 5:48:07
Judy Schmidt 4:19:46    
Half Marathon      
Larry Schmidt 4:00:43    

October 15, Whistlestop Half Marathon, Ashland, WI

Judy Schmidt 2:05:22 Larry Schmidt 3:52:7
Randy Krainock 3:52:56    

October 16, Mankato Marathon, Mankato, MN

RJ Miller 4:22:54 Bonnie Stubbendick 4:30:25
Linda Miller 4:22:54 Theresa Riley 6:22:35 (1st 70+)
Half Marathon      
Darick Bloom 1:44:05 Karen Gibson 2:01:37
Randy Gibson 2:01:37    
Brian Dahl 36:04    

October 29, Great Pumpkin Chase 5K Trail Race, La Crosse, WI

Brian Dahl 21:01 (1st Overall) James Murray 36:47

October 30,  The Hixon 50 Trail Races, La Crosse, WI

Travis Pernsteiner 1:57:23 (3rd Under 40) Reik Pueschner 3:21:35
Jamie Mannion 2:16:46 Teri Walenski 3:36:16
Sara Strassman 2:30:44 Kathy Moen 3:36:16 (2nd 60+)
Lila Planavski 2:34:24 Kristie Shappell 3:36:17
Sloan Komissarov 2:59:34 Ron Benjamin 3:48:22
Judy Schmidt 3:15:56 (1st 60+) Linda Miller 5:07:43
Tad Peterson 4:47:43 R J Miller 7:09:06
Brian Dahl 5:57:03 Andy Nordeen 7:11:13
Emma Carter 6:12:59 Andy Winga 7:25:17
John Blanchar 6:23:00 (2nd 60+) Laurie Enos 7:31:21
Jim Stenulson 6:40:42 Jeanne Hougom 7:59:25
Kim Lovejoy 7:04:41 Libby Winga 8:02:4
Angie Puent 7:08:40