December 2016


River City Running Club



December Newsletter


Upcoming Races

December 3 YMCA Jingle Bells Run 5m, 5k Onalaska, WI
December 10 Ugly Sweater Run 5k La Crosse, WI
January 7 YMCA Resolution Run 5m, 5k Onalaska, WI


Anouncements/ Note from the President


Once again, thank you for having me as your new running club president. And thank you, again, to Jim Stenulson for his presidency and helpful reminders and advice as I am settling into the new role. We have many runners to celebrate who were honored at this year’s banquet, held in early November. Special thanks go out to Kathy Moen, Randi Serres Pueschner, and other contributors for the special presentation of club runners who have run more than 100 marathons and ultras.

Here are the awards from this years banquet.  

Fastest 5K  M- Brian Dahl- 18:57, F- Christi Wengel- 19:52  

Fastest Marathon M- Brian Dahl 2:59:27, F- Sloan Komissarov 3:58:05  

Age Graded Marathon  M- Jim Stenulson 2:51, F- Kristie Shappel 3:09  

Most Races 10k or shorter. M- Darick Bloom 15, F- Stacy Suchla 5  

Most Miles Raced  M-John Blanchar 347, F- Angie Puent 223.85  

Most Marathons and  Half Marathons  M- Jim Stenulson 6, F- Judy Schmidt 7  

Runner of the Year  M- Brian Dahl,  F- Sloan Komissarov  

Most Improved  M- Tad Peterson, F- Lila Planavsky  

Rookie of the Year  M- R J Miller, F- Linda Miller    

Also recognized for milestones- John Blanchar- 100 marathons and 100 ultras.

Bobby Schmidt- Marathon in all 7 continents.

Jean Hougum- 100 Marathons/Ultras.

Mindset: Is your mind set or can you change the outcome?


Sometimes it takes a catalyst to help us break out of a plateau – in training or in attitude. That catalyst may be a conversation with a close friend that resonates with you, an experience that opened your eyes to a new perspective, even an injury or interruption in your routine that made you realize how much you miss and cherish the refreshed, vital way you feel as the result of your running. If you find yourself in a funk, for whatever reason, maybe it’s time you examined the mindset that drives you each day.

Are you stuck in a routine, situation, job, schedule, condition that you believe is unchangeable when, in fact it is? Is some unchanging factor out of your control contributing to a fixed mindset? Maybe it’s time to let it go and refocus.  Accept that there are things you can’t change and things you can. Focus on the things you can change in a positive way and let go of the beliefs that hold you back.

So, have you made up your mind? Is it set? Or can you change outcome? Make up your mind. And as always, run happy.

Sloan Komissarov

River City Running Club President


Race Reminder:

Ice Age 50 – May 13, 2017

Registration Reminder:

This race typically fills up within the day that registration opens. If you’re looking for a spring trail race or ultra, this one’s a club favorite. Included below is registration information from the Ice Age 50 website:

Runner registration for the 36th annual Ice Age Trail 50 will open on Sunday, December 18th, 2016.

Open times will be staggered by event:  Noon CST for the 50-mile; 2:00 p.m. for the 50k and 4:00 for the Half Marathon.

This year, we will also be offering a special pre-registration day for Ice Age runners who have completed at least nine events.  Watch here and the IAT50 Facebook page for details.

Registration is available through this website — or directly at

The 2017 race will be held on Saturday, May 13th.


Hixon Trail Seasonal Short-Term Closure:

Hixon Closures this weekend: Hixon forest to the west of FA is closed. East of FA is open.  The City of La Crosse Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department will partner up with North American Squirrel Association (nasa), The Badger Sportsman's Club, and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to hold a controlled deer hunt for persons with physical disabilities.

The deer hunt will be held on Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th from 5:00 am to 1:00 pm each day in the Hixon Forest. Hixon Forest and Forest Hills Golf Course will be closed these two days due to safety reasons.  Specific details on the managed hunt can be found through contacting Dan Trussoni (Parks & Forestry Supervisor) at (608) 789-4915 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or through Ron Lichtie (Wildlife Biologist, WI DNR) at (608) 785-9992 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 Club Runs:

 Kettle Run – Saturday, December 17th – 10 am – From Schmidty’s

 Meet at Schmidty's at Sat Dec 17th - 10a. Make a loop thru town stopping at the 5 mid-town Salvation Army Kettles. This will be our 5th annual run. It's always a good time for a good cause.  Hope a bunch of folks can make it! Thanks!

Tim Nelson

 Christmas Lights Run – Thursday, December 15th, 2016, 5:30pm –

More details coming soon!


New Year’s Day Run – January 1, 2017, 7:30am

Start & Finish: US Bank Building, 201 Main Street, La Crosse

Get the new year off to a good start with a brisk 10k run. Starting from the US Bank Building in downtown La Crosse, the club runs the old Chileda 10K race route in reverse. Club members often head over the Mayo Clinic Cafeteria for breakfast following the run.

Male Runner of the Year: Brian Dahl



Membership Report

 Kathy Moen

Thanks so much to all club members who renewed at the annual banquet in November.

We currently have 60 paid club members for 2017.  If you were unable to attend the banquet and wish to renew your membership, please do so at this time. 

In 2016 we had a total of 118 Adults and 15 children of members.  Hopefully we will surpass that number this year.  That’s a lot of healthy runners out there!

Mail your $20 individual or $30 family membership payment to:

Kathy Moen

2603 Baumgartner Drive

La Crosse, WI  54603

Please make checks payable to River City Running Club.

You will receive important emails and running club news, but only if you pay up!

Happy Running!


Extra Slice Runners: Thanksgiving 2016


Race Results


November 6, Rails to Trails, Norwalk, WI

Jim Stenuson 3:44:40 Darick Bloom 5:33:19
Bonnie SXtubbendick 4:32:20 (1st 50-59)    
Half Marathon      
Judy Schmidt 1:56:03 (1st 60-69) Ann Brice 2:34:08
Joanne Nordeen 2;17:22 Don Stoeckly 3:20:39
Andy Nordeen 2:17:22 Randy Krainock 3:49;42
Tom Harron 2:18:03 Larry Schmidt 3:49:43
Linda Miller 2:26:17 Dave Rice 350:13
RJ Miller 2:26:18    
Dorothy Nichol 24:21 (1st Overall) Scott Nicol 24:24 (1st 60-69)

November 12, R U Chicken, 7.8 Mile Trail Run, Arcadia, WI

Jamie Mannion 59:00 (1st 50-59) Kristine Tibor 1:16:56 (1st 50-59)
Ron Benjamin 1:25:56 Bonnie stubbendick 1:26:47
Kylie Mannion 1:13:09    

November 19, UW-L Turkey Trot 5K, La Crosse,WI

Brian Dahl 13:25 (1st 30-34) Erik Pueschner 23:07 (3rd 40-44)
Jamie Mannion 19:09 (1st 55-59) Scott Nicol 23:46
Scott Tyink 19:41 (1st 50-54) Dorothy Nicol 23:49 (1st 60-69)
Darick Bloom 19:52 (3rd 35-39) RJ Miller 24:46
Jim Stenulson 20:25 (2nd 55-59) Linda Miller 24:46 (1st 55-59)
Al McCormick 20:26 ((3rd 55-59) Randi Pueschner 25:11
Jerry Reuteler 21:11 Melissa Wiebke 25:46
Angie Smith 21:43 (1st 50-54) Shari Hegland 29:41
Rob Smith 21:44 Kevin Hegland 29:42
Kylie Mannion 22:16 (2nd 25-29) Cory Clark 37:47
Naoka Aminaka 22:59 (2nd 35-39)    

November 24, Festival Foods Turkey Trot, 5 Miles. Onalaska, WI

Jamie Manion 31:44 (1st 55-59) Linda Miller 47:11
Naoko Aminaka 39:41 RJ Miller 47:11
Ruben anderson 39:44 James Murray 49:17
Lias Leclaire-Rhode 40:39 Stacy Suchla 56:44