January 2017

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January 7 YMCA New Year's Resolution Run 5m, 5k Onalaska, WI
February 11 Cabin Fever Dash 5k Winona, MN
February 11 YMCA Valentine's Heart Throb Run 5m, 5k Onalaska, WI


Breathe and Reboot

New years often symbolize renewal, but don’t always feel like a time ofrenewal in the depth of winter when early early morning or afternoon runs are done mostly in the cold and dark and motivation is low. Breathe and reboot. Step back and assess where you have come and where you would like to go. Allow yourself a break from routine – try a new activity, run a new route, take a trip, or just explore a different part of town. Feel like you’re going nowhere? Take time to reflect on your accomplishments from the previous year – you might be pleasantly surprised once you have taken stock. Run happy.


Sloan Komissarov, President

River City Running Club



A Brisk December Run

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2016 Review to 2017 Action

As we approach 2017, many of us are filling up our race calendars and setting goals. Whether the goal is to set a personal record, race a new distance, run injury-free, or to lose weight, having goals helps us stay motivated all year round. While New Year’s Resolutions don’t officially start for a few weeks, you need to start planning on how you are going to implement those goals now.

Before making goals for next year, we need to reflect and evaluate 2016. Did everything go as planned? Did you run your goal time? Did you run your first 5k or marathon? Did you get injured? Did you gain or lose unnecessary weight? How did you handle those setbacks?

Plan-After reviewing the setbacks, you need to plan on how to avoid them for 2017. Now is the time to set goals and the necessary steps to reach them. Are you going to get up an hour earlier or exercise during your lunch break? Are you going to follow a structured training plan? Will you join a local fitness center and start cross training? Will you finally make that diet into a lifestyle?

Act- Tell your family and friends about your goals. They are there to hold you accountable. Write those goals down and look at them daily as a reminder. There will always be bumps along the way, but keeping your eyes set on the long-term goal is what matters most.

“It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference” Paul Bryant

Next month, I will begin the “Fine Tuning the Machine” series. I often relate the human body to a vehicle. Start planning some destinations (goals) and I will give you the directions on how to get there.

Jake Hegge, DPT, CSCS
Physical Therapist: Dynamic Physiotherapy
Running Coach: Trail Transformation


Race Results


December 3, YMCA Jingle Bells Run, Onalaska, WI

5 Miles      
Brian Dahl 31:31 (2nd 30-39) Sloan Komisarov 40:24
Jamie Mannion 32:47 (1st 50-59) Dorothy Nicol 40:38 (1st 60+)
Tom Harron 35:31 (3rd 50-59) Scott Nicol 41:59
Mary Erickson 37:24 (2nd 50-59) Judy Schmidt 46:08 (2nd 60+)
Kylie Mannion 39:24 Anne Schmidt 48:05
Jerry Reuteler 21:16 (1st 50-59) Linda Miller 29:37
RJ Miller 21:42 Lila Planavsky 29:59
Aaron Puent 25:05 Stacy Suchla 31:46
Shari Hegland 25:53 Karen Olson 33:47
James Murray 28:21    

Deember 10, Ugly Sweater Run 5K, La Crosse, wI

Jamie Mannion 20:14 (1st 50-59) Naoko Aminaka 24:34
Saara Strassman 20:48 (1st 30-39) James Murray 30:21