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Upcoming Races

February 11 YMCA Valentine's Heart Throb Run 5m, 5k Onalaska, WI
February 11 Cabin Fever 5k Winona, MN
March 25 Coulee Chase 5k, 3k La Crosse, WI


2017 Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon (and associated events) Special
Offer for RCRC Club Members: For 2017, we are offering any club members a
10% discount off any race entry, including those bundled with the half
marathon training plan (which includes a 15% discount here at Grand Bluff
Running during the 12 week program). For to discount code and further
details in the forth-coming email from the Running Club President to club

I've gone ahead and activated the code for 2017, and it will remain active
through race day:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Just enter that code at registration and the 10% discount will be applied,
no additional steps are necessary!

Thanks, and let me know if you had any questions,

*Karl Betchner* Assistant Manager, Grand Bluff Running Lead Timer, Grand
Bluff Race Management

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.grandbluffrunning.com

Call for volunteers -- 2017 Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon – RCRC
Water Station at the race start on top of Grandad Bluff

This requires around 4-5 people for about 2-3 hours on the morning of
Saturday, May 6.  The water station area is ours to promote RCRC.

If you are interested in volunteering, email me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can learn more details about the event here:


Sloan Komissarov, President
River City Running Club


Membership Report as of February 1, 2017 

Thanks to all who responded to my recent friendly reminder about dues.

Currently we have 94 paid Adult Club members and 13 children of Club members.
This is a FINAL reminder to send in you dues if you have not done so.  Your membership dues ensure that you stay on our email list to receive important race notifications, as well as links to our newsletter and other important running club information.  Dues also help to fund our annual Running Club Banquet in November. Our race statistician, Dave Bange, also reports your RESULTS in our monthly newsletter and on our website...but ONLY if you pay your dues.
We also have some new faces in the crowd.  If you see someone new running with us, be sure to introduce yourself.  Remember when you first ran with the Club???
Membership dues are $20 individual and $30 family.  
Mail to
River City Running Club, 
c/o Kathy Moen,
2603 Baumgartner Drive,
La Crosse, WI 54603.
Happy Running,
Kathy Moen
Membership Chair


Wet Feet, Happy Runners

On a recent afternoon following a wet, slushy snowfall, I took my kids out
for a puddle hunt – a novelty at the end of January in Wisconsin. With
great delight, my 3-year old son splashed into puddles as deep as his
rubber boots would allow. I was reminded what an adventure being outside
in less than perfect weather conditions can be as I watched him use a
stick to dump fresh snow into the puddle with utter fascination.

The other morning, I had a similar adventure with some running buddies
along the marsh path. On a hunch that it might be clear, we trotted along
until the lowest point of the path where water, slush, and mud had
overtaken the trail. By the light of our headlamps, it didn’t look too
bad. So, we ventured on until we were all in ankle-deep water over ice and
mud. Instead of being upset about our wet feet, we were mostly amused at
ourselves. With squishy shoes, we finished our run, glad to have ventured
out into the dark despite the possibility of slippery or impassible

Winter is full of surprises and changing conditions. But, if you take
things in stride and adjust, you can find refreshment in a run no matter

Run happy,

Sloan Komissarov, President
River City Running Club


IMG 0891

Fine Tuning the Machine: Planning your Road Trip

In the last column, we discussed how reflection of 2016 leads to 2017 action.  I asked you to plan some destinations(goals) for 2017.  This column will help you create the road map to your destination.   

Before we start the road trip (training plan), we need to have a destination(goal). Is it your first 5k, half marathon, marathon, or ultra?  Are you aiming for a personal record or out there for the experience?

When choosing a destination(goal) it is important to consider other factors.  Is your vehicle(body) fine-tuned and ready for the new adventure?  Or does it need some required maintenance that you have been avoiding?  Starting a road trip (training plan) with faulty parts (aches/pains) may lead to an accident (injury) down the road.

Are you trying to get to the destination as soon as possible or can you take the scenic route?  The time available between now and your goal can significantly alter the training plan.   Are you speeding to your destination?  No need to get pulled over by the police!  Doing too much too soon can cause injury and prevent you from ever reaching the destination.

Are there any known detours or construction zones that may interfere with the trip? Family commitments, work obligations, and vacations, need to be considered when creating a training plan.

Are there any planned stops along the route?  Perhaps there is another event you would like to participate in before reaching the destination.   Having planned stops can help maintain motivation during the long trip. These can also help make sure that you are staying on the right route (progression of training plan).

Are you a NASCAR driver?  Or did you just receive your license?  Your experience is going to determine the kind of driving you will be doing.  Adding in speed workouts, hills, and long runs is dependent on your previous experience and future goals.

Unsure how to get to your destination or getting tired of the same old route? We create a customized GPS route for your destination.   Training plans are tailored specifically to your race goals. We factor in previous experience and current work/life factors to make sure that you get to your destination.

Now that we have the destination and route planned, we need to make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape to get you there!  Stay tuned for the next column!

For all your running aches/pains and coaching needs, contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PT, CSCS at 

Located in Grand Bluff Running and the La Crosse Wellness Center

Physical Therapist-Dynamic Physiotherapy

Running Coach-Trail Transformation



Jake Hegge, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist:  Dynamic Physiotherapy

Running Coach: Trail Transformation



January 7, YMCA New Year's Resolution Run

5 Mile      
Jake Hegge 28:59 (1st Overall) Judy Schmidt 47:19 (1st 60+)
Jamie Mannion 33:18 (1st 50-59) Anne Schmidt 47:24
Brian Dahl 33:42 (2nd 30-39) Ann Gibbons 47:37 (2nd 60+)
Sloan Komissarov 41:19    
Aaron Puent 21:19 Kevin Hegland 32:59
Lila Planavsky 21:27 (1st Overall) Shari Hegland 32:59
Jerry Reuteler 21:36 (1st 50-59) Stacy Suchla 33:48
RJ Miller 22:33