March 2017

River City Running Club



March Newsletter

Upcoming Races

 March 25 Coulee Chase  5K  La Crosse, WI 
March 25 Half is Good Enough for Me Half Neillsville, WI
April 7/8 Zumbro Endurance Run 100, 50, 17 mile Kellogg, MN
April 8  Firehouse 5k  5K  Onalaska, WI 
April 15  Resurrection Run 5mile, 5K  Ettrick, WI 
April 17 Boston Marathon Full Boston, MA
April 21  Fleis Nightfall Froilc 5K  Onalaska, WI 
April 22 Pine Line Marathon Full, Half, 5K Medford, WI
April 23 Sole Burner 5K Onalaska, WI
April 23  Eisenbahn Marathon  Full, Half, 6.55 mile  West Bend, WI 
April 30 Oshkosh Marathon Full, Half, 5K
Oshkosh, WI



Sole Burner - Coulee Region 5K walk/run – April 23, 2017 – At United
Healthcare (2700 Midwest Drive) in Onalaska.

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when they registration at

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St. Patrick's Day Run* 

7:00AM Saturday, March 18th

Incline to Nodine*

6:00 Saturday, March 25th

*more information below

 Bring on Spring!

March brings with it some warmer early spring sunshine and enticing club
runs to celebrate the changing season. If you’re gearing up for a spring
marathon or just in the mood to stretch your legs on some of the local
hills, the up-coming club runs are reason enough to dig out your water
bottles and Gu and check out the events listed below.

Sloan Komissarov
River City Running Club President

Up-Coming Club Runs:

Irish Hill Run (in honor of St. Patrick’s Day)
Saturday, March 18th
Start form La Crosse Y at 7:00 AM

For anyone looking for a nice little run to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,
please join us for a 17 mile run – with the opportunity to add on for ~21
miles… what could be more fun? We’ll start from the Y at 7:00AM Saturday,
March 18th. Green running gear is optional, though encouraged.

We will run our normal route over to the Kwik Trip by Schmidty’s (without
the Ebner Coulee Add-on, that is). Feel free to take advantage of the Kwik
Trip (aka Aid Station #0), before continuing onward and upward to Irish

At the top of Irish Hill, stay on Highway 33 and run to the Scenic
Overlook (on the LEFT side of the road); this is Aid Station #1.  I will
have water/Gatorade behind one of the first trees to the left of the
parking lot as you enter the first entrance (same as previous years). 
This should be just shy of 8 miles.

Turn LEFT back onto Hwy 33 and take a LEFT onto CTH OA.

Take CTH OA down the hill until you run into CTH FO.

Turn LEFT onto CTH FO and take it up the hill.

Turn RIGHT onto CTH F (we are now heading toward Bliss Road and back to
the Y).

CTH F will swing to the LEFT, follow it around the bend (past Three Town
Road) and watch for Aid Station #2.

Aid Station #2 will be the metal electrical “box” on the RIGHT side of the
road, near Kim Lovejoy’s house ~ very close to mile 12 (see 2nd map –
blowup – below).

Stay on CTH F to Alpine Inn and proceed down Bliss Road to Main Street and
back to the Y.

Complete route should be very close to 17 miles.

An optional add-on would be to run up to Grandad Bluff Park to view our
fabulous city below.  A second add-on, up Ebner Coulee Road should make it
~21 miles – just for fun - J!

Incline to Nodine
Saturday, March 25th, 2017

The annual Incline to Nodine will be held Saturday, March 25th.  As in the
past, we will start from the “newer” Kwik Trip in La Crescent @ 6:00AM. 
The full route is a 50K, but people are welcome to do an out-and-back
route for shorter distances.  Aid stations will be provided at the
following (approximate) mileage points:

3 miles, 6.6, 9.8, 13, 15.7, 18.8, 22, 25, 27.5 miles

We recommend parking on South Oak Street

Nodine Start Map


Fine Tuning the Machine: Vehicle Maintenance


There are several key things to look for when getting your vehicle serviced.

The battery and engine (cardiovascular system/fitness), tires (shoes), and oil/fuel levels (nutrition). All of these components are important and deserve an article of their own.

The focus of this article is going beyond the paint job. We are assessing the frame (skeleton), suspension (muscles and tendons), and axle (joints) of your vehicle. Without the frame, there is no foundation to build upon. Without the suspension, you will have difficulty steering and the ride will not be very comfortable. Without the axles, the wheels won’t spin!

The vehicle frame and human skeleton serve as the support and protection for the rest of the systems. One unique difference with the human skeleton is that it can adapt to loads, meaning it can change over time. With disuse, the bones become weak and frail. On the other hand, if you progressively challenge the bones they can become very strong and dense. It is important to slowly progress the load because too much may results in stress fractures.

The vehicle suspension and human muscles and tendons serve to absorb force and transmit energy. Without suspension, you are going to feel every single pothole and bump of your drive. Muscles can be strengthened through a resistance training program involving body weight, barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Tendons can be strengthened through a progressive plyometric program.

The vehicle axles and human joints serve to transmit force to the external environment. Joints are the connection between two bones: hip joint (pelvis and femur), knee joint (femur and tibia/fibula), and ankle joint (tibia/fibula and talus). If the car axles are not moving the way it is supposed to, it is going to interfere with the amount of force sent to the wheels. Same goes with the human joint, if they are not stabilized or moving correctly, it is going to interfere with your ability to run.

Parts tend to wear out with age, which is why it is recommended to replace many components at 100,000 miles. With good driving habits and frequent maintenance, you can extend the life of many of these parts and your body.

Despite numerous claims about running being bad for your knees, you may need to check that all of the parts around the knee are moving correctly. Running may even be good for your knees as stated according to the New York Times.

While many drivers are content driving the same vehicle, the same route, to the same destination every year, I challenge you to mix it up try a new destination and show off your new sports car!

Think your body needs a maintenance check?

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Located in Grand Bluff Running and the La Crosse Wellness Center


Jake Hegge, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist: Dynamic Physiotherapy
Running Coach: Trail Transformation



January 14, Pacifica Foothills 30K Trail Run, San Rafael, CA

John Blanchar 3:27:43 (1st 60-69) Kurt Brown 3:51:10
Jim Stenulson 3:46:55 Jean Hougom 4:22:45 (2nd 50-59)
Angie Puent 3:46:55 (2nd 40-49)    

February 11, YMCA Heartthrob Run, Onalaska, WI

5 Mile      
Jake Hegge 28:37 (2nd Overall) Mary Erickson 37:26 (2nd 50-59)
Brian Dahl 33:03  Sloan Komisarov 42:49
Tom Harron 36:41 Anne Schmidt  46:21 
Lila Planavsky 20:38 (1st 30-39) Kevin Hegland 30:50
Jerry Reuteler 21:28 Shari Hegland 30:54
Aaron Puent 21:44 Stacy Suchla 34:37
RJ Miller 24:33