June 2017

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June 3-4 Kettle Moraine 100 100m, 100k, 50k Elkhorn, WI
June 10 Sparta Stampede 5m, 2m Sparta, WI
June 17 Grandmas Marathon Full, Half, 5k Deluth, MN
June 17 Ky's Run 5K Chaseburg, WI
June 17 BK 5K 5K Winona, MN
June 17 Remembering Jesse Parker 5mile,5K Tomah, WI
July 1  Firecracker 4 Mile  4mile, 1mile  La Crosse, WI 
July 8 Dances with Dirt 50m,50K, Full, 10K Devil's Lake, WI
July 8 Wa Du Shuda Half, 5K New Lisbon, WI
July 8 (?) Catfish Days 10K, 5K Trempealeau, WI


Travel and running: The perfect combination

I recently had the pleasure of taking my running habit on the road and found some running havens in unexpected places. My family and I headed to St. Petersburg, Russia this May to visit family and before departing, I had vowed to run every day of our visit. Russia’s “Venice of the North” boasts wide sidewalks, canal-side paths, bridge-top views overlooking the Malaya Neva and Balshoy Neva Rivers, a pastel-colored Neo-Classical cityscape, and plentiful scenic running routes often visited by commuters, but infrequently enjoyed by runners.
Indeed, in a city punctuated by gilded spires and sumptuously decorated Orthodox churches, most visitors and locals do not see the sites during an invigorating jaunt. During my visit, I could have counted the number of local recreational runners on my hands. That excludes the miserable-looking army and navy conscripts running a 1.35k loop in front of the dazzling, gold and aluminum encrusted onion domes of the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin along the waterfront. In fact, most of the active locals I saw were on bicycles, which have increased dramatically since our first visits to the city 6 years ago. Runners are a novelty along St. Petersburg sidewalks and paths. I received a fair number of looks from passers-by, if not for being a runner, then perhaps for being a visibly pregnant one – all the more strange - in a culture that has not yet experienced widespread adoption of regular physical activity among all members of society.
In any case, running is a great habit to take with you on the road. You never know what you might find along the way. If you are taking a trip this summer to a familiar or unfamiliar place, consider sharing a picture or anecdote with the club through the monthly newsletter or on the club Facebook page and take us along on your adventure!

Happy running,
Sloan Komissarov
River City Running Club President


Race Results

April 30, Big Sur International Marathon, Big Sur, CA

Laurie Enos 4:56:45 Linda Miller 5:45:24
RJ Miller 5:45:19 Deanna Verdon 5:56:45

May 5 & 6, Fesrtival Foods Running Events, La Crosse, wI

1.5 Mile, Grandad Bluff Challenge      
Abe Wengel 9:14 James Murray 14:42
Darick Bloom 20:49 (1st 35-39) Bob Rusch 30:14
Tom Byerly 24:31 (1st 70+)    
Half Marathon      
Abe Wengel 1:12:28 (2nd Overall) Jean Hougom 2:04:54
Brian Dahl 1:45:30 Eric (Pacer) VanOsdol 2:14:20
Kim Lovejoy 1:48:37 (1st 50-54) Andy Nordeen 2:16:54
Teri Serres Walensky 1:48:44 Joanna Nordeen 2:16:55
Randi Pueschner 1:57:11 Clara Pasell 2:20:53
Paul Fuchsel 1:57:12 (2nd 60-64) Rob Walensky 3:05:51
Bonnie stubbendick 2:00:48    

May 7, Eau Claire Marathon. Eau Claire, WI

Rob Smith 4:13:32 Darick Bloom 5:13:43
Cory Clark 5:13:43    
Half Marathon      
Tom Gibbons 2:18:05 Stacy Suchla 3:12:50
Ann Gibbons 2:15:06    

May 7, Ice Age 50, Kettle Morain, WI

50 Miles      
David Schmidt 8:19:42 Angie Puent 11:46:19
Kurt Brown 11:00:49 Jim Stenulson 11:46:20
Cody Teslow 11:28:48    
Kristine Tibor 2:05:58 (1st 50-54) Ron Benjamin 2:39:33

May 20, River To Ridge Trail Run, 5 Miles, La Crosse, WI

Thaddeus Peterson 33:54 (2nd Overall) James Murray 48:47
Emma Carter 41:31 (1st Overall)    

May 21, Green Bay Marathon, Green Bay, WI

Lila Planavsky 3:31:23 Bonnie Stubbendick 4:29:26
Rob Smith 3:48:23 Jean Hougom 4:37:39
Naoko Aminaka 4:09:07 Theresa Riley 5:57:17
Half Marathon      
Angie Smith 1:46:53 Mike Mulroy 2:36:09 (1st 75-79)