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Upcoming Races

July 1  Firecracker 4 Mile  4mile, 1mile  La Crosse, WI 
July 8 Dances with Dirt 50m,50K, Full, 10K Devil's Lake, WI
July 8 Wa Du Shuda Half, 5K New Lisbon, WI
July 9 Catfish Days 10K, 5K Trempealeau, WI
July 28 SMU Trail Scamper 4 mile Winona, MN
July 29 Voyagyer Trail Ultra 50 mile Carlton, MN
August 10 Pursuit for a Cure 5K Arcadia, WI
August 12 Paavo Nurmi Marathon Full, Half Hurley, WI
August 19 Running of the Beef 5K Arcadia, WI
August 20 Kornfest 10K, 2M Holmen, WI
August 26  Wausau Marathon  Full, Half, 5K  Wausau, WI 

Congratulations to Tony Toledo on his milestone 100th marathon, completed at this year’s Grandma’s Marathon in a time of 4:45:29!
Thank you to volunteers from the club who helped out at the Got Energy Triathlon the last weekend of June! Congratulations to club members who participated! Way to go!
Call for volunteers and pacers – Mini Donut Half Marathon - September 16,
2017 at 7am at the Onalaska YMCA.
Come out to support a local race and represent the River City Running Club as a pacer or volunteer along the course. If you’re interested, please contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See the race webpage for more details: https://www.minidonutfoundation.com/race-details
From the President
Happy July! For my family, the beginning of July means time on the beach on the
Michigan side of Lake Michigan at our extended family’s cottage. Our visits always include runs along different routes, playtime all day, watching fireworks on the beach at night, and the occasional evening walk into town for ice cream. If you are in La Crosse for the first weekend of the month, you’ve probably already enjoyed the Firecracker 4-mile run (held Saturday, July 1st this year) among the family friendly festivities of La Crosse’s Riverfest. Wherever you are for the middle month of summer, I hope you are enjoying a healthy balance of summertime activity and
Sloan Komissarov, President
River City Running Club
Tony Toledo running his 100th marathon- Grandmas Marathon 2017
 Tony T Grandmas 2017

 Who Gets Your Entry Fee?

Dave Bange
Your reaction to the above title might be, “Wait. What?  Isn’t it the sponsoring charity?”  Well, yes.  Mostly.  That’s surely true for almost every local running event: the Maple Leaf Road Half Marathon does support the YMCA, the Sparta Stampede raises money for its Boys and Girls Club, and so on.  
Yes, but ... I did write “almost” in the preceding paragraph.  I can cite two local exceptions in which entry fees went to for-profit corporations (which did make local charitable donations).  The more visible one was The Color Run, owned by Color Run LLC;  the other was the Big Muddy Challenge (held in Myrick Park for a few years), owned by BMC Corporation.  While both of these corporations still exist, neither one continues to hold an event in La Crosse.  Maybe we just weren’t profitable enough?
However, those two examples aren’t what led me to write this piece.  Instead let’s look at the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in New Orleans.  In prior years a number of our club members (including me) ran in this event, although none have recently.  Entry fees did not go to Humana Health Insurance.  Humana is the major sponsor, and in fact it pays out many dollars to put its name on this particular race.  No, the profits went to Competitor Group Inc, a privately held corporation that publishes a number of magazines for endurance athletes, such as Women’s Running, Triathlete and VeloNews (which covers bicycle racing).  But its “crown jewels” are the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons, which it claims to be the world’s largest racing series, comprised of 29 marathons and half marathons worldwide.  The series began in 1998 as a single marathon in San Diego, and two years later I was among the 10,000 or so competitors that it attracted in 2000.  That kind of explosive success does not go unnoticed for long.
Other cities, including New Orleans, quickly jumped aboard the concept of having a rock band at every mile along the course and a really big party afterwards -- and paid money to Competitor Group to brand their race a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon”.  This must have been a pretty darn profitable little endeavor, because a month or so ago, Competitor Group itself was purchased  by Dalian Wanda.  Huh?  Who?  Actually, the question isn’t “Who?,” but “What?”  Dalian Wanda is a Chinese conglomerate, originally founded as a real estate company in 1988 by a chap named Wang Jianlin.  I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve never heard of him.  Nonetheless he’s apparently the second wealthiest individual in China, worth an estimated 31.2 billion dollars!  The purchase price for the Rock ‘n’ Roll events was not revealed (this being a deal between privately held companies after all), but Competitor Group had been valued at $250 million back in 2015.  Might be worth a bit more now.
All of this surprised me, but when I read a news item about the sale what really caught my attention was that two years earlier, Dalian Wanda had purchased the Iron Man triathlons for an estimated $650 million!   Those exorbitant entry fees must really add up, don’t they?   After that purchase, a “Half Iron Man” was officially re-designated as “Iron Man 70.3.”  Maybe “Iron Man 70.3” sounds sexier or more macho to Mr. Wang than “Half Iron Man”?  No half measures for him! 
Although I have no intention of doing any triathlons (let alone an Iron Man -- or even an Iron Man 70.3), and will probably never do another Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, I still find all of this a little depressing.  What was once a clean, simple sport, with races organized by local running clubs that charged low entry fees (an entry to the 1977 Boston Marathon cost  $7, if I recall correctly.  Possibly $8.) has morphed into something that huge corporations are now taking over.  This might not be a totally bad thing, but I do miss those old, simpler days.  
The news story on the purchase of the Rock ’n’ Roll trademark can be found in the New York times here:


May 28, Med City Marathon, Rochester, MN

Jake Hegge 3:04:58    
Half Marathon      
Tony Toledo 2:10:59     

May 28, Calgary Marathon, Calgary, Canada

Kristi Shappell 4:19:56 (2nd 60-64) Judy Schmidt 5:09:12

June 3-4, Ice Age Trail 100, Lagrange, WI

100 Miles      
Jim Stenulson 29:15:11 (2nd 60+) Rob Smith 29:15:49
Any Nordeen 16:27:11    
38 Miles Night Run      
David Schmidt 8:58:05    

June 10, Sparta Stampede, Sparta, WI

5 Mile      
Christi Wengel 34:01 (1st Overall) Jeff Tooke 49:11
Jim Stenulson 35:18 (1st 60-64) Bob Rusch 53:12
Tony Toledo 47:22 (3rd 65+) Dave Rice 1:05:22
2 Mile      
Abe Wengel 18:55 (3rd 30-34) Judy Schmidt 17:34 (1st 60-64)
Daarick Bloom 13:38 (1st 45-39) Anne Schmidt 27:39

June 11, Garden of the Gods, Boulder, CO

10 Miles      
Bonnie Stubbendick 1:44:52    
Keith Stubbendick 1:00:04 (1st 60-64)    

June 17, Grandma's Marathon, Duluth, MN

Jake Hegge 2:53:06  Andy Nordeen 4:07:45
Thaddeus Peterson 3:00:44 Paul Fuchsel 4:16:23
Brian Dahl 3:35:06 Angie Puent 4:19:48
Jim Stenulson 3:35:18 Tony Toledo 4:45:29 
Half Marathon      
Tayloe Gibson 1:32:22 Mara Wiebke 1:48:40
Randy Gibson 1:42:23 Julie Wiebke 1:55:14
 *PleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there is an error or omission in the results.