September 2017

River City Running Club


September Newsletter

 Upcomming Races


September 8 Superior Trail Races 100m, 50m, Full Lutsen, MN
September 9 Apple Dumpling Day Full, Half, 5K Elroy, WI
September 9 No Frills Marathon Full Minocqua, WI
September 10 R U Chicken Run 7.8m, 2.3m Arcadia, WI
September 10 F.I. is Going to the Dogs 5k La Crosse, WI
September 16 Run to the Edge 5k La Crescent, MN
September 16 Mini Donut Half Marathon Half, 5K Onalaska, WI
September 22/23 Goose Bumps Run 24 Hr, 6 Hr La Crosse, WI
September 24 Fox Cities Marathon Full, Half Menasha, WI 
September 30 Maple Leaf Road Races Half, 5m, 5K La Crosse, Wi
September 30  Driftless Trail Races 50k, Full, Half, 10k   Hillsboro, WI
October 1 Lakefront Marathon Full Grafton, WI
October 7 Gandy Dancer Full, Half Luck, WI
October 8 Rails to Trails Full, Half, 5k Norwalk, WI
October 14 Sparta Half Marathon Half, 5k Sparta, WI
October 14 Whistlestop Marathon Full, Half, 10k, 5k Ashland, WI
October 15 Milwaukee Running Fest Full, Half, 10k, 5k Milwaukee, WI
October 21 Warrior Waddle 5k  Winona, MN 
October 28 Great Pumpkin Chase 5k La Crosse, WI
October 29 The Hixon 50k, 25k La Crosse, WI


Applefest Scenic 5K Run/Walk:

The 22nd Annual Applefest Scenic 5K Run/Walk is fast approaching.  It is scheduled

for Saturday, September 16,m 2017 at 8:30 am.  This is a chip timed event with all proceeds benefitting two high school students with college scholarships and local needs/charities.  With your entry you will receive a bag of Fruit Acres apples, long

sleeve t-shirt, post race treats from Hoch Orchard (organic) and Great Harvest Bread

Co. along with chances to win homemade apple pies from St Peter’s Church in Hokah, MN and other prizes.  Help us plan the best race possible by registering early! 

Race information and registration is located at  Your support whether through running/walking

or volunteering is appreciated.  If you have questions or would like to volunteer,

please call Cheryl or Peter Franta at 507-895-8953.


RCRC Annual Banquet:

The Annual Banquet is scheduled for Friday, November 17th, 5:30-7pm at the Myrick Park Center (789 Myrick Park Dr., La Crosse, WI 54601). More details will be forthcoming.


September 2017 President’s Address


As summer comes to a close, I look eagerly to September and early fall as some my favorite running weather begins. I love September for its mild temperatures and relatively dry conditions that are perfect for just about any outdoor activity – running, biking, camping, apple-picking. While this month marks the end of summer fun for many of us, it is the beginning of autumn adventures like running along wooded trails in Hixon or through familiar neighborhoods with friends on comfortably cool mornings. Enjoy the best that the month has to offer.


Happy running,

Sloan Komissarov, President

River City Running Club




Is Too Much Running Bad For Your Heart?
Dave Bange
We should begin with a little background (besides, history is good for you).  The first marathon race was held in 1896, as part of the first Olympics Games, in Athens.  Although this first “marathon” was a mere 40 kilometers long, only 9 of the 17 starters were able to finish.  Before that, back in 490 BC Pheidippidies ran from the Plains of Marathon to Athens to announce the great Greek victory over the marauding Persians, mumbled “Nike,” but then flopped over and died -- possibly from a heart attack!  So at the start of the 20th century, exactly 10% of the men who ran a marathon died at the finish line.  You gotta admit that’s a little worrisome. 
Given that ominous statistic, perhaps it wasn’t all that surprising when some people (of a sedentary persuasion) began claiming that all this running might not be all that great for one’s health.  A few these folks even subscribe to a bizarre, wing-nut belief that each person’s heart has a fixed number of beats allotted to it.  Sort of like a warranty issued at birth.  It’s reported that Donald Trump harbors such a belief.  I am not making this up.  See for instance
It’s pretty clear that today’s distance runners are not among those holding this belief.  Nonetheless, two recent major medical studies reported that endurance athletes --especially men, for some reason -- show an increasing plaque build-up in their arteries.  The first alarm was sounded in 2011 when The Journal of Applied Physiology reported finding scarring (myocardial fibrosis, to be technical about it) in the aortic arteries of life-long, elite runners.  Plaque and scarring in one’s arteries does not sound all that good, does it? 
Wait!  Don’t rush to your closet and burn all those running shoes just yet. Maybe it’s not all that bad.  After all, those 50-staters and 100-marathoners aren’t piling up in cardiac wards, are they?  So perhaps the researchers hadn’t yet figured everything out.  More recent studies do indeed confirm that endurance athletes do show more plaque build-up, but the researchers then looked at the composition of that plaque.  Apparently not all plaque is created equal.  And when they looked, the scientists found something interesting (at least to me).
The arterial plaque in endurance athletes tends to be calcified and dense, with those who had run the most having the greatest calcification.  But the density of the plaque that runners have makes it resistant to having pieces break off and causing a heart attack.  By contrast the sedentary folks have less plaque, but it has a fatty, looser composition -- and arteries and “loose fat” just doesn’t sound like a good combination.  Indeed, this is the kind of plaque that’s more likely to to have a chunk break free, and go floating off in the blood stream to cause a stroke or a heart attack.  Mystery solved! 
Maybe.  More research will follow, but physiologists think that this discovery is key to solving the puzzle of why marathoners have significantly more plaque accumulation in their arteries, but don’t seem to be going the way of poor old Pheidippidies.  Maybe he simply hadn’t trained enough.

 Race Results

July 8, Mad Half Marathon, Wakefield, VT

Sara Strassman 1:47:06 (1st Overall)

July 8, Dances With Dirt 50K, Devil's Lake, WI

Margaret Ho 5:03:07 (3rd Overall) Jim Stenulson 6:25:57 (1st 60-64)
Lila Planavsky 5:05:01 (1st 35-39) Angie Puent 6:25:57 (1st (45-49)
John Blanchar 6:25:57 (1st 65-69) Andy Nordeen 6:47:52 (2nd 55-590

July 29, Voageur 50 Mile Trail Ultra, North Shore Lake Superior

Jake Hegge 7:08:45 (2nd Overall) Lila Planavsky 9:19:37
Margaret Ho 8:41:51 (2nd Overall) Brian Dahl 10:16:13

August 12, Paavo Nurmi, Hurley, WI

Rob Smith 4:12:!9 (3rd 50-54) Tony Toledo 4:58:48
Half Marathon
Mike Mulroy 2:24:28 (3rd 70+)

August 19, Leadville 100 Mile Run, Leadville, CO

Andy Nordeen 29:28:28