November 2017

River City Running Club



November Newsletter

Upcoming Races

November 11 Joel Konze Best Day Ever Half, 10K, 5K Cataract, WI 
November 12  Madison Marathon  Full, Half  Madison, WI 
November 18  UW-L Turkey Trot  5k  La Crosse, WI 
November 23  Festival Foods Turkey Trot  5 m  Onalaska, WI 
December 2 Jingle Bells Run 5m, 5k Onalaska, WI
December 9 Ugly Sweater Run 5k La Crosse, WI


A Traveling Circus
We are a traveling circus. In no time at all, my 4-year old, 2-year old, 3-month old, and I can turn any quiet doctor’s waiting room, library reading room, or Co-op shopping trip into a boisterous extravaganza of activity. If you’re having a quietly productive day at work or there is too much serenity in your storefront window, just give us a call. We’ll liven things up at the drop of a hat.
In all honesty, it is a lot of fun being the mother of three. And our little traveling circus is more gleeful jabbering than bickering, more laughing than crying. I have become more relaxed and good-humored as each of our children has come along. But, I could not keep my cool when things get tense without a healthy dose of running. My daily jaunt along the marsh path lightens my mood, allows me to reflect, and helps me keep it all in perspective.
I hope each of you finds rejuvenation in your running and other activities. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our Annual Banquet, coming up on Friday, November 17th, 5:30-7pm at Myrick Center (789 Myrick Park Dr., La Crosse, WI 54601). If you have not yet RSVP’d with an email to me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), please do so by this Sunday, November 5th so that I can provide our caterer with a final number of attendees. Dinner will be provided (by the Co-op). Please bring a desert to share (optional). We will be collecting annual membership dues and confirming your contact email address at the door. The main event is the meal and presentation of awards. Stay posted for a forthcoming email with details about online voting for award winners. Thank you to those of you who have sent nominations.
Happy running,
Sloan Komissarov, President
River City Running Club
Race Results

October 8, Rails to Trails, Norwalk, WI

Jim Stenulson 3:48:45 (1st 60-69)    
Half Marathon      
Andy Nordeen 2:01:14 Joanne Nordeen 2:25:11
Jenny Roberge 2:23:20    
Keith Stubbendick 24:11 (1st 60-69)    

October 14, Sparta Half Marathon, Sparta, WI

Adan Rivas 1:33:44 (2nd Overall) Teri Serres Walensky 1:43:17 (1st Overall0
Jim Stenulson 1:42:38 David Schmidt 1:51:03

October 14, Whistlestop Half Marathon, Ashland, WI

Judy Schmidt 2:07:40 Larry Schmidt 3:25:00
Kristie Shappell 2:07:40 Randy Krainock 3:25:00

October 29, Hixon 50, La Crosse, WI

Tad Petersen 4:42:07 (3rd Under 40) Angie Puent 6:58:25
David Schmidt 4:51:56 John Blanchar 6:58:26
Brian Dahl 5:08:51 Jim Stenulson 6:58:26
Lila Planavsky 5:32:34 (2nd Overall) Jean Hougom 7:20:28
Cody Teslow 6:04:07 Dennis Houston 8:31:18
Adan Rivas 6:14:51 Len Pitt 8:31:28
Emma Carter 6:20:54 Michelle Pitt 9:03:33
Margaret Ho 1:59:34 (1st Overall) RJ Miller 3:18:16
Jamie Mannion 2:18:46 (1st 50+) Andy Winga 3:25:56
Brian Arneson 2:35:04 Judy Schmidt 3:28:09
Sergey Komissarov 2:39:11 Laurie Enos 3:28:14
Kim Lovejoy 3:00:42 Troy Gudie 3:32:54
Andy Nordeen 3:04:32 Bonnie Stubbendick 3:53:30
Randi Pueschner 3:04:58 Libby Winga 4:06:17
Kristine Tabor 3:15:51 Theresa Riley 5:05:17